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Bamboo may be strong, but it doesn't have to be crunchy. Here's proof: Los Angeles A-list boutique Fred Segal will be the sole retailer of a limited-edition line of silky, sustainable 100 percent bamboo-fiber T-shirts from snow- and skateboard maker Arbor. Take that, hemp. $88;

"Dopers suck." That's the bold statement your ankles will display when wearing a new pair of bike socks from SockGuy. What's more, five percent of your purchase price will go to junior-cycling development clubs across the country. $10;

Take the hot spring with you. The 165-pound DUTCHTUB has room for four adults but is small and light enough to be transported on a car. And because it's warmed by a fire-heated convection coil, you can use it anywhere there's wood, flat ground, and enough water—or snow—for the 200-gallon fill-up. $6,000;

Tri geeks pull their first all-nighter September 9–10 in—where else?—Boulder, Colorado, at the 24 HOURS OF TRIATHLON. Teams and solo competitors will race laps around a looping course comprising a half-mile swim, 17-mile bike, and four-mile run. Entry fee, $270;

He's not exactly bebop, but we'll skip the arguments of purity and say we'd go see Hasidic dub-reggae star Matisyahu—one of 27 acts at the September 1–4 JAZZ ASPEN SNOWMASS—if he were at a polka fest. Weekend pass, $150;

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Rock climbers kick off their first dedicated film tour September 7 in Boulder with the inaugural REEL ROCK. Featuring Peter Mortimer's First Ascent and Josh Lowell's Dosage Volume IV, the tour will hit 70 cities across the country before wrapping up October 28 in Las Vegas.

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