The Master Plan

A sport-by-sport guide to everything you need to excel.

Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall

Part 1: Running
Put that monthly jog to rest and take your training to a new level with our guide to technique, gear, and recovery.

Online Exclusive: Half-Marathons
Pick one of these 30 target= races this spring and start rehearsing your victory speech.

Part 2: Cycling
Time to wipe the cobwebs off your bike, oil your chain, and kick your fitness into a new gear. Here's how.

Online Exclusive: Century Rides
Lube up your bike, grab your helmet, and start training for one of these 15 road rides.

Part 3: Triathlons
Our slacker-friendly, surprisingly fun beginner’s guide to training for an Olympic triathlon.

Online Exclusive: Olympic Triathlons
The thirteen best triathlons taking place from August to December.

Part 4: Skiing and Snowboarding
You just paid $87 for your lift ticket. Follow our preseason fitness plan and make last year's halfhearted half-days a distant memory.

Featured Bodywork Special
Interactive Fitness Guide
Test your ticker, upgrade your eyes, strengthen your knees, eat smarter, and more with our interactive map of the human body.

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