Flirting with Disaster

Did our November 2007 feature package "The Good, the Bad, & the Just Plain Lucky" get you squirming for more thrills? Here, check out our archive of past tales of woe, plus instructional videos from the Wilderness Medical Society's annual conference.



Wilderness Survival Tip 1: How to Eat a Cattail
Aaron Brillhart of the Wilderness Medical Society breaks down how the cattail can be eaten in a survival situation, raw or cooked, from the flower at the top to the roots below.
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Wilderness Survival Tip 2: Tools for Backcountry Navigation
Sheryl Olsen of the Wilderness Medical Society goes over what equipment you should bring with when navigating in the backcountry—from a GPS unit to a waterproof notebook—then dispenses a few sage tips on how to use your tools.
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Bear maulings, plane wrecks, deadly volcanoes... Charting the hairiest survival tales of all time.
»    Starved, Poisoned, Stranded
»    Lost at Sea, Tami Oldham Ashcraft Wanted to Die
»    Plane Crash: The Only One Who Lived
»    Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Takes On the Elements
»    Volcanic Eruption: Terror Rained From the Sky
»    Frontiersman Hugh Glass Came Out Of the Jaws Of a Grizzly, Alive
»    Scorching Heat and the Sahara Couldn't Kill a Cop
»    Amputation: A Split Decision
»    A Labrador Overcomes 25-foot Seas and Sub-Zero Temps

Aaron Ralston: Trapped


That Which Does Not Kill You…
You can run. You can hide. But into every life a little mayhem must descend.

Narc Passage
Warning: Conficts in mirror are closer than they appear

Scared Sockless
Stupefied and frozen in a hornet's nest of hot lead

Surf or Die
Chewed up and spat out by the world's most ferocious wave

Pinto Mean!
The perils of raising a grumpy colt

A guided tour through an avalanche, where fear and fascinating collide

Itch and Scratch
When nature calls in the woods, think before you reach

Cannery Woe
A salmon butchery goes from bloody routine to living hell

Belly Dance
Loose of bowels and out of luck in North Africa

Kamp Soggy Bottom
Atop storm-raked Mount Washington with a big, useless drip

On El Capitan, there's nowhere to hide when things fall from the sky

Tour de Farce
Some mountains just want to be left alone

Paddling Fool
On the dark waters of Brooklyn, only a nut goes out at night

Bleak Streak
Trapped! On the tundra! And having a cold, hard time...

Rod Liberal was climbing the Grand Tetons when the worst happened—a flash of lightning blasted him and a group of climbing friends, leaving one dead. What's life like after high voltage runs through your body? You don't want to know.

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