Videos: 2009 Teva Games

The team at Serac Adventure Films brings you the best student videos from the 2009 Teva Games.

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By Aileen Torres
Alex Johnson, winner of the 2008 Bouldering World Cup, returns to defend her title.

Heavy Water
By Eileen Kiza
Whitewater kayakers get revved up and rally around their sport in the wake of a tragedy.

Cerebral Crux
By Gretchen Powers
How do athletes deal with pre-game jitters? Climbers and kayakers say it's all in the mind.

Searching for Powers and Spirits
By Jose Saldana
A whitewater kayaker crushes a river, a climber gets frustrated, and dogs go diving at Teva.

Local Pride
By Josh Lyons
Vail locals cast their lines and gun for the top spots in the valley's extreme fly-fishing.

Who Let the Dogs Out?
By Stacy Jacob
Canines conquer their fear of water with their owners right behind at the Dock Dogs Competition.

Renaissance Man...iac
By Stephanie Pearson
Pro mountain biker Adam Craig embraces the multi-sport agenda of the Teva Mountain Games.

I Dreamt of a Journey
By Sue Feddema-Leonard, Chehala Leonard
A mother and daughter run around with Serac Adventure Film School students at the Teva Games.

By Trevor Halperin
They're not in it for the money. Extreme athletes are after fun, adventure, and much, much more.

Serac: Behind the Scenes
By Serac Adventure Films
Serac Adventure Film School students learn how to get the job done at the 2009 Teva Games.

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