Exclusive Online Gallery:<br/> Off-Piste Middle East?

For the August 2007 feature story, "Powder Keg" we sent Josh Dean and Alex Tehrani to lay some tracks at the highest ski area…in Iran. Here, flip through some of Tehrani's outtakes from their epic, see more images from his previous assignment for Outside, and read an interview with the man himself.

skiing Iran

Gallery: Carving Iran
The heads of state over in Iran may have a few problems with U.S. foreign policy, but their people are just gaga over that most Western of pastimes, stalking powder. Alex Tehrani trains his lens on the locals, and the locales, and walks us through his photos in this exclusive online gallery.
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Interview and Gallery: Up a Creek with Alex Tehrani
For the January, 2007 Outside feature story, "Paradise Pretty Soon," we floated Alex Tehrani down Gabon's Djidji river in search of the perfect photographs of the four-year-old Ivindo National Park. Little did we know he'd come back with just as many stories to tell as the article's writer. He dishes on the assignment and shares some of his photo outtakes.
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For more on Alex Tehrani and his work, head to www.alextehrani.com.

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