Nominate a Badass Athlete!

Can the mild-mannered guy in the cubicle next to you climb like Chris Sharma? Does your girlfriend spend her vacations paddling first descents in Patagonia? We're looking for everyday people who transform into adrenaline sports superheroes once five o'clock rolls around. Nominate your not-yet-famous adventurers here. We'll feature some of the best i

We need your help. We're scouting for Everyday Badasses—the most amazing, inspiring, talented everyday adventure athletes in the Outside world. These are everyday people like us—climbers, skiers, skaters, surfers, kayakers, runners, snowboarders, cyclists, bikers, endurance hikers, triathletes, cavers, explorers, etc. who are different in one very big way: In their free time, they can hang with the best in the world.

Here's how to nominate someone you know:
1. Know who we're looking for:

• We want world-class athletes, adventurers, expeditioners, or explorers who perform near the highest levels of their sport.
• We aren't looking for people with major sponsors or who appear in a bunch of advertisements (though we won't turn down someone just because some company gave them a case of free socks one day).
• We also can't include people who make a living at their sport—say, a badass alpinist who's job is working as a badass mountain guide—or anyone who used to be a pro at their sport. Sorry Dave Scott. We'll get you next time.

2. Give us the beta:
We need to know:
• Why we should profile your badass friend and what makes them amazing. Be as specific as possible (competitions won, first ascents/descents, records set, big expeditions they've been a part of, pro athletes who can vouch for how talented they are, etc.).
• Give us a sense of who the person is, especially what they do for a living (this is important), what makes them unique, where they are from, and anything else interesting about them (overcame a handicap, made millions as a janitor at Google, etc.)
• How we can reach your badass nominee.

3. Email Us: Send an e-mail with all that info to

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