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Hellion SC

Hellion SC

Anti-fog coatings, UV-radiation protection, hypoallergenic foam: None of it means squat if your helmet is pulling your goggles off your face. SCOTT's new WITNESS GOGGLE—which has all that plus spherical lenses—attaches the strap with a clip system that keeps everything snug against your skin, even with the bulkiest of helmets. $78;

The next time you need to check the hour on the slopes, press the button on the brim of your NIXON SNOW DORK knit beanie and a voice will tell you what time it is. No Velcro, no snaps, no missed last chairs, no need to actually speak to the weird guy on the lift who's asking what time it is. $40;

Since last year's inaugural ICER AIR angered many San Francisco residents (who objected to having 200 tons of snow trucked onto their steep streets for an urban ski jump), organizers moved this year's event to AT&T Park. The centerpiece will still be pro skiers and boarders hucking off a 100-foot-high ramp. But the November 4 event has also expanded to include concerts and a ski-and-snowboard expo. $10;

Whether your tastes lean toward domestics or imports, BURTON has the right binding. The CUSTOM BREW, which is based on the company's all-mountain workhorse Custom, comes in translucent beer-bottle shades of brown or green and hides a bottle opener in each high back. If you can't wait until you've put your board away to have a cold one—and, really, who can?—this binding's for you. $160;

While everyone else has been working headphones into helmets, CAMELBAK has done away with external wires altogether in its HELLION SC pack. Directional speakers in the shoulder straps aim the music at your ears but still let in the "Oh, %&#$!" of the ski-lesson-gone-wrong careening toward you. Buttons on the straps enable you to control things with your gloves on. $250;

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