Future Gear

Outside senior editor Sam Moulton reviews the lightest, fastest, and sleekest new products on the market.

Nike LunaRacer (1:30)

Outside Magazine, September 2008

The September issue includes 59 new tools and ideas that will change your life

The lightest marathon-racing shoe on the planet.
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Puma v1.08 (1:16)
A soccer ball that instantly stiffens upon contact.
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Swany G-Cell (1:46)
Stay dialed on the slopes with a Bluetooth-equipped ski glove.
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The Lunocet Monofin (1:35)
A swim fin that can power you at 10 mph underwater.
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Helly Hansen Odin PCM (1:20)
A jacket that releases heat when you're cold, and stores it when you're hot.
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Neuton 6.2 (1:50)
A quiet (and cordless!) battery-powered lawn mower.
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