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Pinarello FP3 105


(Photograph by Shana Novak)
Pinarello FP3 105

If you're more likely to ride the occasional century than hammer hill repeats by yourself in the rain, the full-carbon Pinarello FP3 is for you. A gentler version of the much lauded (and super-stiff) Pinarello Prince race frame, the FP3 offers far more vibration-eating comfort without sacrificing much in the way of handling. Or put it this way: It's comfortable but responsive, relaxed but fast. Even our mellowest testers noted that the lack of stiffness makes it a little hard to feel the road when you're sprinting. Of course, there is an upside to the damp feel: Even the worst of bumps won't jar you out of your seat. $3,000; 18.6 lbs (56cm); pinarello.com

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