Features: The Highly Civilized Fat-Tire Primer

March 1996

Features: The Highly Civilized Fat-Tire Primer

Front-Suspension Symbiont, Meet Ms. Controlled Abandon
Cross-country world champ Alison Sydor demonstrates the essential riding skills.
By Andrew Tilin

More Bike for the Buck
How to buy the right machine in any price range.
By Andrew Tilin

The Worthiest Steeds, Circa 1996
From $469 to $2,499, the best mountain bikes that money can buy.
By Gordon Black, Alan Coté, and Bob Howells

Practice, Patience, and a Few Swabs of the Hanky
The secrets of successful trailside repair, as taught by wrench maestro D. Scott Daubert.
By Kiki Yablon

Because It's Stonger, Faster, Lighter...and Looks Really Cool
Gizmos that no self-respecting gearhead can resist.
By Alan Coté

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