A touching portrayal of a remarkable person

Jon Krakauer: Into the Wild

February 26, 1996

What other books do you recommend? How do I get published?
Did Chris destroy those cabins?
Are there better ways of planning these sojourns?
A touching portrayal of a remarkable person
His hubris and narcissism are inexcusable; you romanticize idiocy

A touching portrayal of a remarkable person
Q: I was hoping that I could just make a comment about Mr. Krakauer's book. I just finished it and I loved it! I was enthralled the whole time and appreciated Jon's personal accounts as well. Not being the so-called "brightest bulb on the tree," some of the deeper meaning was lost on me I am sure, but the tragedy of Chris McCandless' death was not. Thank you for writing such a touching portrayal of a truly remarkable human being.
Amy C. Bryan

A: I'm pleased and flattered that you enjoyed the book so thoroughly. I continue to find it intriguing that some people seem to love the book and find McCandless an admirable, even noble, character--and others clearly hate the book, and think both its subject and its author are world-class chumps. (See the following question.)

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