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What did Chris weigh before he began to starve?

Jon Krakauer: Into the Wild

February 19, 1996

How is his family doing? Where is the scholarship fund?
What did Chris weigh before he began to starve?
Wasn't death the predictable outcome of such naiveté?
This confirms my favorite magazine and Web site
If you'd given him a ride, what would you have said to him?
Will you be presenting in the East and Midwest?

What did Chris weigh before he began to starve?
Q: How much did Chris weigh when Gallien dropped him off at the Stampede Trail? At 5 feet 7 inches and (say) 130 pounds, I have calculated he would need about 3,500 calories per day to maintain this weight. Depending on how much hiking he did per day to find food, it could have been more.

I would also like to compliment you on how well you have written this tragic story. I have a 24-year-old-son; I easily identified with Chris's parents. Also, I recalled a younger me who just as easily identified with Chris.
Dave Carlson

A: Chris was extremely fit when he arrived in Alaska in April, 1992--photos of him from that period show him to be buff, honed, and very muscular. I would estimate that he weighed 135-145 pounds at that time.

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