Guests: Phil Maffetone, Endurance Sports Doctor

Dr. Phil Maffetone
Dr. Phil Maffetone

Dr. Philip Maffetone is an applied kinesiologist who has been in private practice since 1977. He's an authority on alternative medicine, has a background in biochemistry and exercise physiology, and is certified in meridian therapy (acupuncture) and physiotherapy. He also holds a bachelor's degree in human biology and a Ph.D. in chiropractic.

Maffetone has treated and trained many national and world-class athletes in almost every sport, including marathoners Priscilla Welch and Lorraine Moller, triathletes Mark Allen and Mike Pigg, and race car drivers Mario and Michael Andretti.

Maffetone writes and lectures extensively on human performance. He is a past chairman of the International College of Applied Kinesiology. He is the author of several books, including In Fitness and in Health. His newest book, Training for Endurance is due out in mid-February (David Barmore Productions, 607-652-7610).

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