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Are there better ways of planning these sojourns?

Jon Krakauer: Into the Wild

February 26, 1996

What other books do you recommend? How do I get published?
Did Chris destroy those cabins?
Are there better ways of planning these sojourns?
A touching portrayal of a remarkable person
His hubris and narcissism are inexcusable; you romanticize idiocy

Are there better ways of planning these sojourns?
Q: My dream is one day to walk the entire length of the Pacific Rim Trail in its entirety, solo. However, I plan to have a safety net in the form of filing a backcountry permit and keeping people informed of the status of my journey (even somewhat of a pilgrimage, considering the length). We all need to get away--really, absolutely. But are there better ways of planning these sojourns than others?
Robert Theodore Konig

A: Your dream to walk the Pacific Rim Trail solo sounds like it would be a fun trip, and needn't be very dangerous if you take the proper steps: Read everything you can about the route, the weather, the ideal season for travel. Tell people where you intend to go, and when, so they can keep tabs on you. And talk at length with experienced hikers who have done the trip and know the country intimately.

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