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Keeping Up with the (Indiana) Joneses

Family Vacations, Summer

Keeping Up with the (Indiana) Joneses
Essential outdoor toys for kids

Whether they're on a 10-day wilderness safari or a quick trip to the compost pile, kids can go gizmo gonzo with these toys from Wild Planet (800-247-6570):

For junior Mr. Wizards who want to get up close and personal with their backcountry environs, there's the Pocket Tech for Camping ($10-$12), a kid-safe multitool that includes a telescope, microscope, flashlight, compass, magnifying lens, whistle, and key ring.

The Radio Watch ($13-$15) is perfect for your budding Bob Edwards — or Howard Stern. Part of Wild Planet's Spy Series, it's a digital watch that lets kids listen to FM radio through detachable mini-earphones.

Finally, for the young survivalists in your life, the Survival Gear pack ($14-$16) comes with a food/first-aid container, shovel with built-in sifter, flashlight, squeeze bottle, an ID tag, and activity cards — enough gadgets to sustain them through any disasters Y2K may throw their way.

— H.U.

Photograph by Clay Ellis

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