Will Work for...Several Million Bucks

Outside magazine, August 1996

Will Work for...Several Million Bucks

With Lance Armstrong dominating the Tour DuPont last May, many wondered why his team's sponsor, Motorola, chose the occasion to declare that it wouldn't be backing the squad in '97. Actually, the timing for the announcement came at the behest of directeur sportif Jim Ochowicz, who wanted to capitalize on the team's rare U.S. media attention in hopes of luring another American sponsor. It remains to be seen whether the strategy will work, but one thing already seems clear-at least to Ochowicz-in light of his squad's dominance of the 12-day, 1,225-mile domestic tour. "It may seem ironic," he says, "but we're ready to challenge for the podium at the Tour de France next year.''

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