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Dynabee Hand and Arm Exerciser

Review: Hardware and Software, November 1996

Dynabee Hand and Arm Exerciser
By Bob Howells

A 4,000-pound nautilus machine will work the big muscle groups, but if it's your forearms and hands you want to strengthen, there's a piece of equipment that's considerably more portable. Weighing in at half a pound, the Dynabee ($25) from Variety Plastic Products (888-396-2233) can pack a punch equal to that of a 32-pound dumbbell. Its astounding resistance radiates from the centrifugal force of a gyroscope that spins inside a baseball-size, rigid-plastic globe. It took a dozen or so tries to master the graceful, short-radius turns of the wrist necessary to build the gyroscope's momentum, but with practice, I found that I could control its speed--it can reach 4,000 rpm--and thus the force generated. Hands down, it's the best lower-arm workout I've had--and all while sitting here before my computer screen.

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