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...or Your Own Little Icebox on the Prairie

Travel Guide, Winter 1995-1996

...or Your Own Little Icebox on the Prairie
By Brian Alexander

If a "luxury" igloo is too tame, you could try the real thing. Mountain Quest Adventure Company (800-269-8735) supplies tools, gear, and a guide for a two-mile snowshoe trek to a secluded mountain clearing about 45 minutes south of Banff, Alberta, where you'll spend the afternoon building either a quinzee (a big pile of powder snow with a hole carved into it) or a conventional igloo if there's packed powder. Indoor temperatures won't dip below 28 degrees Fahrenheit no matter how cold it gets outside; sleeping arrangements in the two-person structure feature butt-to-back intimacy--so go with someone you like a lot. You can spend your free time watching moose and marten, or downing a brandy while your guide prepares a bare-bones dinner. The overnight trip costs $180 per person.

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