The Trip-Finder, January 1999
Kayaking the Southern Heidal Valley and Vestlandet
Outfitter Price Accommodations
Small World
800-585-2925, www.bewell
$1,865 rustic lodging

The Route: Paddling a nine-day smorgasbord of Class III-V on more than a dozen rivers in Scandinavia's finest whitewater region. From rustic wooden cabins on the banks of the Sjoa, near Norway's national kayak training center, you'll make daily runs down steep, narrow canyons.

When to go: August

Difficulty: Difficult

Travel advisory: Tailored to Class IV paddlers, the trip is also fine for Class III types with a solid combat roll and Class V boaters looking to play. With so many rivers in such close proximity, the variety of options is endless.

High/low points:

  • Putting into the Breims River at 8 p.m. and paddling mong "bergy bits" of glacier ice for the last few hours of daylight.
  • Actually looking forward to getting doused in 50-degree water to escape the Alaska-grade mosquitoes of late afternoon.

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