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Bodyboarding: And Huey Frowned

Outside magazine, April 1995

Bodyboarding: And Huey Frowned
By Todd Balf

As an acclaimed master at Oahu's Banzai Pipeline, bodyboarding champion Mike Stewart has seen a few things in his time. Until the Morey Bodyboards World Championship last January 14, however, he'd never witnessed an opponent rip off a perfect 20 against him in the finals. But it happened. Honolulu native and longtime rival Ben Severson, 30, launched a deep tube ride at a break known as Backdoor early in the 30-minute, four-man final, sending beachside spectators into full howl. Meanwhile, Australian national champion Ben Holland, 18, started the finals much as he'd left off in the semifinals, with a combination aerial helicopter spin and flyaway aerial. "I'm in another zone,'' said Holland earlier in the day. "I think I'm still drunk from last night. Huey is being nice to me today.'' Alas, Huey, the Australian surf god, turned ugly on Holland as the round progressed, and the 31-year-old Stewart, looking for his ninth world title, let go with a series of aerial moves and barrel rolls off ten- to 15-foot wave faces. In the end, Stewart caught the most waves in the finals and scored consistently high to edge Severson and the third-place Holland.

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