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April 1999
Topsoil, numb hands, worms, warm garbage

March 1999
Detritus in space, fruit v. vegetable, frost, snakes

February 1999
The North Pole, elephants, squeaky snow

January 1999
The lake effect, species i.d., funny bones

December 1998
Tongues, thick ice, the Star of Bethlehem

November 1998
Aged organisms, electric current, sneezes

October 1998
America, bats, pruney skin

September 1998
Boat christening, ducks, mirages, nausea

August 1998
Pluto, the next eruption, fireflies

July 1998
Foxfire, fishy fish, smog

June 1998
Stone skipping, yawns, the smell of rain

May 1998
Weeping willows, moths, pond v. lake

April 1998
Butterflies, moonbows, knuckles, carbon dioxide

March 1998
Chameleons, ocean levels, Ayer's Rock, compasses

January 1998
Penguins, passport stamps, skunks, tachymeters

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