June 1994
You Could Use Some Helping Hands
Regimens: Getting a Grip

Inns & Lodges: Big Bay Point Lighthouse, Michigan
Sea Kayaking: The Alternative to Old Faithful

Dispatches: News from the Field
Expeditions: More Daunting than Everest, More Technical than a Yosemite Wall
Entertainment: We Use Live Bullets!
Sport: One Small Tack for Womankind
Technology: It's a Bike and You Row It. RowBike. Get it?
Wildlife: Who's Afraid of a Little Blood and Guts?
Anthropology: Quest for Roadkill
Environment: Do As You Say...or Else

Dispatches: For the Record
Running: Rabbit's Revenge
Mountain Biking: 150-kph Dreaming
Mountain Biking: Iron Johnny
Rowing: Enough's Enough
Mountaineering: New Route, Same Dangers
Mountaineering: Queen of Solo

Richard Leakey's Fall from Grace
The Hydroponic Dreams of Laird Hamilton
The Perfect Summer: Shed Those Pesky Pounds
The Perfect Summer: The Honest-to-God Curveball
The Perfect Summer: A Tomato You Can Be Proud Of
The Perfect Summer: Fear Not the Wave
The Perfect Summer: Let Them Build Shacks
The Perfect Summer: Call Me Mr. Ribs
The Perfect Summer: Crank the AC, Man the VCR

Out There
Do Unto Smelt Thumpers

Fine In-Line Skates
Videos: Remembering Abbey
Books: Lunar Landscapes

More Fitness