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Getting There and Around

Travel Guide, Winter 1995-1996

Getting There and Around

Fares to Mexico usually increase in November or December. The following fares are for high-season, midweek travel:

Use Cancún as your gateway to the Yucatán: Aeromexico (800-237-6639) has direct service from Miami ($235), Houston ($314), and Los Angeles ($553). Continental (800-525-0280) also flies from Houston ($330), as well as Los Angeles ($502), New York ($468), and Chicago ($470). Mexicana (800-531-7921) departs from Newark ($503) and Miami ($235).

Flights to Puerto Escondido require a connection in Mexico City. Mexicana flies from Los Angeles ($555), Chicago ($554), and Newark ($690). From Puerto Escondido, take a 45-minute bus ride to Puerto Ángel (around $6) or a taxi (about $30--be sure to negotiate).

The nearest airport to San Miguel de Allende is León, about 75 miles west (bus service is available from the airport; taxi, about $70). Mexicana has direct service from Chicago ($461) and Los Angeles ($460); Aeromexico and Continental fly from Houston ($471); American (800-433-7300) departs from Dallas ($383).

The cheapest and easiest route to Baja California is via Los Angeles. Mexicana goes to San José del Cabo ($295); AeroCalifornia (800-237-6225) to Cabo San Lucas and La Paz ($205 for both).

Car rental in Mexico tends to be expensive, and it's unnecessary in most places other than the Yucatán (Avis in Cancún charges $56 per day, or $336 per week for a Chevy Corsa, $180 a week for a Volkswagen bug). Reserve your car from the U.S.--the rates will be lower--and hold on to your confirmation number. It's often difficult to find a gas station in Mexico, so fill up whenever you get a chance, and always carry drinking water in the car.

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