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Amanda Jones: Travels in Australia
I want to live there. Got any recommendations?

Q: Did you get to spend much time in Perth? We have been exploring the idea of living in W.A. for a while. It would be interesting to get your feedback (based on all of the places that you've visited, of course!) Loved your story, you oughta check out Exmouth while you are in Western Australia. There is some fantastic reefs and wonderful wildlife in and around the northwest cape.
Jim O'Farrell
Bellevue, WA

A: Thanks for the compliment on the story, Jim. I love W.A. and would move there in a heartbeat if I were able. I have not spent much time in Perth, although I inderstand it is a fabulous city--a little provincial. It is one of Australia's richest cities (in sheer $$). I am planning a trip back to dive with the whale sharks in Exmouth. I've heard it's wonderful. You may also want to think of Broome as a possible town to dwell in, it's remarkably sophisticated for its size--and gorgeous. Good luck.

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