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Amanda Jones: Travels in Australia
Where's the best wildlife-watching?

Q: Have done the bushwacking thing, climbed Koskioscko (and even butchered the spelling), etc. Now I would like to go back a see animals, animals, animals. Which part(s) of the country should I visit? Which time of year is best to visit? Thanks for your advice! Stay outside!
John Eberle
Newton, MA

A: Animals are not as much my thing as people. However, Australia is swarming with animals of all sizes and leg-number. I think the Northen Territory has some of the best examples. Did you read the Kakadu story? For more precise information, call the Aussie hotline 800-DOWN-UNDER and ask one of their trained consultants. Or, you could ask the Outside Online Adventure Adviser for advice. Have fun.

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