Q&A with author Hal Clifford

Mountain rescue: life and death on a rescue team

Q&A with author Hal Clifford

Do young rescuers get too enthusastic?
Are team members all volunteers?
How can I get involved?
A team member responds to the book
Aspen's only one of many excellent rescue teams
I want to climb--where can I learn how?
What are the qualifications for volunteering on a rescue team?
Did I really say that?
Is this book just for mountain rescue volunteers?
How dangerous is rescue work? How did you get involved in it?
How can I get rescue training?
What about the fatal Mt. Rainier rescue this summer?
Should people pay for their own rescues?

Did I really say that?
Hal, what did you put in my coffee that day you interviewed me?
Boan Head
Close, Very Close

Hal responds: Bob: To paraphrase a better-known aphorism, In Cafe Veritas.

[Editor's note: They are referring to Bob's gripping account of a body-recovery mission.]

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