Q&A with author Hal Clifford

Mountain rescue: life and death on a rescue team

Q&A with author Hal Clifford

Do young rescuers get too enthusastic?
Are team members all volunteers?
How can I get involved?
A team member responds to the book
Aspen's only one of many excellent rescue teams
I want to climb--where can I learn how?
What are the qualifications for volunteering on a rescue team?
Did I really say that?
Is this book just for mountain rescue volunteers?
How dangerous is rescue work? How did you get involved in it?
How can I get rescue training?
What about the fatal Mt. Rainier rescue this summer?
Should people pay for their own rescues?

What about the fatal Mt. Rainier rescue this summer?
Do you know exactly what went wrong with the botched rescue this past summer on Rainier? As I recall, a couple of rescuers perished trying to get to some downed climbers, but I haven't heard exactly what went wrong. Thanks.
Gary Morris
Falls Church, VA

Hal responds: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. I recently spent a week researching this accident for a commissioned magazine feature story. However, the editors at the magazine that hired me (not Outside) probably wouldn't be too happy if I spilled the beans now. Try looking in some of the other publications on the mag rack in January for the scoop. . . .

[Editor's note: This article is scheduled to appear in the January issue of Snow Country magazine.]

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