Going Places: Tales from the road: Honduras--Paradise in the Rough


Getting there

Like Costa Rica used to be...
You can fly either into the capital of Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula with Continental Airlines out of Houston (800-231-0856) or American will do the same for you out of Miami (800-624-6262).

Taca (800-535-8780) will get you there out of Los Angeles and Lacsa (800-225-2272) has a flight out of New Orleans.

Once within the country flights are relatively cheap, $20-45, to get from Tegucigalpa to La Ceiba or out to the islands. Reservations however must be made within the country and can be scarce during the heavily trafficked Christmas season.

Getting around
Bus is the primary mode of transportation with routes running from city to city. Though bumpy and crowded, the bus will get you where you want to go.

Rental cars are available, but can be expensive. Four-wheel drive or heavy trucks are advised because while the highways are maintained, side roads are not and most of the best adventuring will be off road.

The lempira trades at about 10 to 1 and no room will cost more than 150 lempira unless you are truly extravagant.

Lodging is easy to come by and in addition to the hotels, there are private rooms that can be discovered with just a little imagination.

Health and safety
Don't drink the water. Boil it for at least three minutes.

Crime is not a huge problem, nor is it negligible. During my stay, there was an incident along the river where a woman was mugged. Be mindful of your neighbors, watch your belongings, and you won't have a problem.

Rios will provide everything from a guided tour both on dry land and in the water to a simple raft ride down the Congrejal. Cost varies depending on the experience. $1,200 for a one-week, all-inclusive trip including lodging, boating, and food. $75 per person for two or more boaters with their own guide. In the United States: 800-225-5784. In Honduras: 504-43-0780

Tofino Expeditions operates ocean kayaking expeditions on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, as well as jungle river trips in the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve. For information, Tofino Expeditions can be reached at: 604-687-4455 (phone), 604-687-8525 (fax), info@tofino.com (e-mail), or Web page: http://vanbc.wimsey.com/~tofinoex/.

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