Milestones: Fabien Mazuer, 1976-1995

Outside magazine, June 1995

Milestones: Fabien Mazuer, 1976-1995
By Todd Balf (with Martin Dugard and Alison Osius)

French sport climber Fabien Mazuer was an athlete you could love: smart, playful with the press, and immensely talented. While still a teenager, he pulled off some of the most difficult rock climbs in the world, and this year the diminutive engineering student from Lyons--heir apparent to longtime men's sport-climbing champion Francois Legrand--undertook a focused and extremely rigorous training regimen in pursuit of the 1995 World Cup season title. But in March, tragedy struck. Late one night Mazuer's car ran head-on into an oncoming passenger bus on a rural road near his family's home in Grenoble, killing him instantly. Mazuer was 19 years old.

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