Getting There and Around

News for Adventurous Travelers, December 1996

Getting There and Around
By Bob Howells

Getting There: American Airlines (800-624-6262) flies to Grenada daily via San Juan, Puerto Rico. High-season midweek fare from New York is $518; from Los Angeles, $806. BWIA (800-538-2942) flies direct from Miami on weekends for $535.

Getting Around: The best and cheapest way to explore Grenada is by minibus. Minibuses depart from Market Square in St. George's and go all around the island, with bus stops virtually everywhere and fares seldom more than a couple of dollars. Taxis are all over, too; they aren't metered, so make sure of the fare in advance. Drivers who double as guides may be hired for about $15 per hour. A number of firms in St. George's rent cars; a small four-wheel-drive, such as a Suzuki Samurai, typically costs about $50 per day, plus $12 for a Grenadian driver's license. Try Dollar (809-444-4786) at the airport or David's (809-440-2399) in St. George's (remember, you drive on the left here). To rent a mountain bike, try the Roti Shop ($10 per day; 809-444-3263) across from Coyaba Beach Resort.

To get to Carriacou, 23 miles north, fly Region Air (809-444-1117); its 20-minute, daily round-trip flights out of St. George's cost $54. Cab fare from Lauristan Airport to Hillsborough is about $4. A new air-conditioned boat called the Osprey Express (809-407-0470) makes daily round-trips between St. George's and Hillsborough, about an hour and a half each way, for $28.

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