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Soggy No More

News for Adventurous Travelers, December 1996

Soggy No More

Getting soaked is a way of life in Grenada, so you'd be wise to throw a few quick-dry or waterproof items in your bag. Unfortunately, I didn't.
By Bob Howells

Hiking on Grand Etang's muggy trails, I wish I'd worn my nylon Ex Officio Amphi Short ($46; 800-644-7303), which could have doubled as swim trunks for impromptu plunges. My cotton/nylon Baja Plus Shirt ($79) would also have been a boon with its mesh side panels to let in what little breeze there was.

One sudden downpour turned my notebook and wallet into mush. The solution in hindsight: Ex Officio's water-resistant and multipocketed Saddle Tote shoulder/waist bag ($36). I'm always uneasy leaving stuff on the beach while snorkeling; with Ortlieb's waterproof Waist Purse ($30; 206-639-3838), my passport and traveler's checks could come along for the swim.

It always helps to carry a Cascade Designs Packtowl (in three sizes, from $6 to $13; 800-531-9531), if only to wipe the sweat.

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