Guests: Warren Miller

Photograph by Scott Markewitz/RAP Films. All text and image excerpts are reprinted by special arrangement with HarperCollins; copyright © 1995, HarperCollins.
"In this book, we have gathered the most spectacular images and best writers in skiing to express the freedom and beauty this spectacular sport has to offer.
This reflects not only the spirit of skiing but the spirit of Warren Miller's films.
As long as skiing continues to thrive--and who doubts that it will?--we will continue to develop better ways to portray its spirit. And as long as it continues to inspire great images and great writing, and to draw out the emotions of those people able to deliver them, the literature of the sport will thrive as well.
Catch the Ski Fever!"
--From epilogue by Kurt Miller
Warren Miller's Ski Fever!, edited by Dick Needham, is available at bookstores nationwide. (HarperCollins West, 1995. Paperback original, 168 pages. $20. ISBN No. 0-06-258662-9).

To purchase this book, place your order at the HarperCollins Publisher Express Order site, or call 1-800-331-3761. To order from Warren Miller Entertainment, call 800-523-7117.

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