Hitting the road for Tierra del Fuego

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Andean Adventure

Hitting the road for Tierra del Fuego
December 20, 1996

We are finally approaching the starting point for our cycling journey. Each day we get closer to Tierra del Fuego. From Lima we flew to Santiago and spent one night there. We did some repair work on our bikes during the layover. The thumbshifter on Nancy's bike had snapped off, and we also got a wheel fixed on Bill's bike.

From Santiago we took the train — a 24-hour journey — to Puerto Varas, at the beginning of the Lake District. We camped there along the lake and the next day had our first real ride, from Puerto Varas to Puerto Montt. We had so much gear loaded onto our bikes that they seemed ready to snap in half!

We rushed to the ferry only to find that it only leaves once a week and that it was totally booked. We were told to come back in a few days and check to see if anyone had canceled their reservations. So we spent the weekend hanging around the water, looking south toward the fjords.

Lucky for us a couple gave up their seats on the ferry, because the husband was ill. So we'll be leaving in the morning for a four-day boat trip to Puerto Natales, where we'll leave our packs. We still need to figure out how we're going to get to Ushuaia, where our journey north will finally begin.

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