Dispatches: News from the Field

January 1996

Dispatches: News from the Field

Skiing: Outta My Way, Girlfriend!
Hilary Lindh is the most successful woman downhiller in U.S.history. So why is she trying so hard to play catch-up with Picabo?
By Hal Clifford

Water Sports: The Baywatch Conundrum
All Craig Hummer wants is someone to take his lifeguarding seriously
By Martin Dugard

Equipage: Rush Slept Here
Jerry Wigutow has just the bag for your right-leaning dreamer
By Wendy Marston

Ma Sparker
By Bill Donahue

Climbing: But Can You Get the "Times" Up There?
Introducing Todd Skinner's newest home away from home
By Greg Child

Camping: I Was a Teenage Gilligan
A Tlingit JD talks about his not-so-hard time on a prison isle
By Bill Donahue

Dispatches: For the Record
By Todd Balf and Paul Kvinta (with Brooke DeNisco, Martin Forstenzer, and Eileen Hansen)

A Lung in Men's Clothing

A Two-Elk Pileup's Causing Big Delays...

The Foolproof, Titanium-Enriched Cure for Insomnia

One False Move?

Silly Yanks, Tricks Are for Losers

Monkey See, Monkey Shoot?

Up, Up, and...Ach!

The River Made Wild

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