O Canada.Com

Outside magazine, June 1996

O Canada.Com
By Katie Arnold

Travelers planning a foray into the great white North can now access more than 75 official Canada sites on the World Wide Web. Four of our favorites:

  • Before You Go. For general information, including everything from a history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to average lows in Saskatchewan, plus a currency conversion chart, check out the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade's site, www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/english/canada/menu.htm.
  • Logistics. If you've got burning logistical questions--how to finesse bringing Fido across the border, for example, or where to obtain fishing permits once in Canada--tap into the site for the Canadian Embassy to the United States, at www.nstn.ca/wshdc/tourmain.html.
  • Outfitted Trips. CANtravel's page has a great list of adventure travel outfitters that run trips in the western provinces: www.comcept.ab.ca/cantravel.
  • The Year in Preview. Finally, if you're still wandering blind, the Canuck Site of the Day, at www.garion.com/canuck, gives a rundown of this year's wildlife festivals, primo pizzerias, and mountain resorts across the country.
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