Guests: Warren Miller

Warren Miller: Schuss Flick King

How do you turn fear into adrenaline?
How can I get started in your line of work?
Why don't your movies include handicapped skiers anymore?
What do you think of the huge growth in Colorado?
Is there a list of all your work? What early films inspired you?
You've done other books, right?
Do any of your movies include telemark skiing?
What's the best family resort in Europe? How does Whistler rate?
Where can I find my favorite ski poles?
I was in one of your old movies. How can I get a tape of it?
Do 'mature skiers' do adventure skiing?
Will you make a film devoted to wilderness skiing?
What kind of skiing can older folk do? What do you ski?
Who is the greatest skier in the world?
What equipment do I need to start making ski films?
What inspired you to make your first extreme ski movie?
Get me in your next movie!
I want to see more telemark skiing in your movies

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