Going Places: Kayaking Chichagof Island

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Kayaking Chichagof Island


A special thanks to David Bill, skipper of the Icy Bay, for the ride north, and again, to Pamela Maresten, for her continued willingness to help.

This journey would have been considerably less successful (I can't even imagine) without the generous support of a number of organizations. They are: The North Face, PowerBar, Thorlo, Zeiss, Pelican, Orvis, Terramar, Royal Robbins, Management by Intuition, Body Glove, Fuji, Ugg, Teva, Good and Natural, Cell Tech, Sawyer, Grundig, Sporting Life, Manzella, Primus, Primex, Gerber, Leki, Nalgene, Ortlieb, Sahara, The Far Horizon, Okespor, Tibor Corp., Tsunami, International Transducer Company, Oakley, imtra, Cortland, McKenzie Anglers, Watership Trading Company, and Therm-a-Rest by Cascade Design.

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