The Trip-Finder, January 1998

Horseback Riding and Kayaking in the Land of Genghis Kahn

Outfitter Departures Price Accommodations
Boojum Expeditions
2 $3,850 camping, rustic lodging
Nomadic Expeditions
2 $3,645 camping, rustic lodging

The Route: Circumnavigate remote Lake Hövsgöl on horseback and by sea kayak. During the 120-mile, 12- to 16-day trip, you'll visit local herding families, hike, and have the chance to catch your own salmon dinner each night.

When to go: July to August

Difficulty: Moderate

Travel advisory: Vegetarians will not fare well on this trip. If you don't catch any fish, you'll eat mostly mutton and dairy products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

High/low points:

  • Tea and cheese with Mongolian nomads.
  • The uneven gait of the local horses, affectionately known as the Mongolian Death Trot.

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