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Food and Drink

Outside magazine, June 1996

Food and Drink

Cycling Haute Cuisine
By Bob Howells

As many a resting athlete knows, there's something about a malt beverage--and we're not talking milkshakes--that soothes sore muscles and cools a hyperthermic body core. So next time fat-tire tracks take you to Colorado or southern Wyoming, have the publican draw you a Fat Tire Amber Ale. This Fort Collins microbrew is robust with flavor but lighter than densely malty microbrews from the Northwest. It exudes a nutty overtone yet goes down nearly as easily as a certain gaunt, comparatively tasteless macrobrew from Golden. It's also available in bottles ($6.89 a six-pack) but, alas, not outside its native territory.

There's good news in solid nourishment, too. Cyclists can dine on their own noodles: Pedalini Bicycle Pasta, in a sleek road form or a fat-tire version ($2.50 for a ten-ounce bag). The kicky chili-pepper flavor goes well with pesto.

From New Belgium Brewing Co., 500 Linden, Fort Collins, CO 80524 (970-221-0524), and Fortune Macaroni Co., 5425 E. Home Ave., Fresno, CA 93727 (800-586-5425).

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