Sin in the Wild Outdoors

Outside magazine, June 1997

Sin in the Wild Outdoors

We Confess
Pride goeth before a fall, as any climber knows. But what about the other deadly sins that flesh is heir to?

It's a quarter past four. No reason I can't squeeze in six more runs.
By E. Annie Proulx

The latest from Epiphany Central: Humanity's most productive vice requires not the least bit of effort.
By Tim Cahill

With a bit of luck, I, too can be stupid with the best of them.
By Ian Frazier

Gore-Tex, you say? I'll take three.
By Bill McKibben

There but for my miserable, wretched fate I go.
By Garrison Keiller

Since we're all hard-wired for l'amour feu, who am I to argue?
By Gretel Ehrlich

I don't care who you hate, you pious Trustfarian. I'm doin' the talking here.
By Bryan Di Salvatore

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