Outside magazine, August 1995


Summit Ride
On September 10, some 400 riders in New Hampshire's 23d Annual Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb will attempt to beat the course record of 57:41. The 7.6-mile road to the summit has an elevation gain of 4,727 feet. The entry fee is $40; early registration is advised. For information, call 603-447-6991.

Missouri High
This year's U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championships will be held August 18-27 in a place where you can see forever: Columbia, Missouri. It's the 25th anniversary of the competition, and the city will host more than 200 balloonists and 250,000 balloon watchers. Call the info hotline at 314-886-9955, ext. 6091.

Turtle Trips
Earth Island Institute's Sea Turtle Restoration Project is sponsoring new two-week trips to Costa Rica. Participants will first assist biologists at the Ostional Research Station, on the Western Hemisphere's largest nesting beach for sea turtles, and then hike through several parks, including Tortuguero National Park. Trips depart August 16 and September 15; cost is $2,025-$2,279, airfare included. Call 800-859-7283.

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