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Milestones: Pesky No More

Outside magazine, August 1995

Milestones: Pesky No More
By Todd Balf (with Martin Dugard)

Lance Armstrong and Robyn Erbesfield, two of America's best international athletes, had a lot in common last May. Both were pursuing majors titles that had so far eluded them and caused a good deal of personal aggravation. For Erbesfield, the obsession was the biennial World Sportclimbing Championships in Geneva, Switzerland, the biggest single event in the sport. For Armstrong it was the Tour DuPont, America's premier stage race. Ultimately, both Erbesfield and Armstrong got what they wanted. The former, though she'd broken one of her heels six weeks earlier, routed her opponents, calling the victory her "sweetest ever." Armstrong seemed similarly euphoric, winning the fastest Tour DuPont yet.

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