Niagara, Eat Your Heart Out

Outside magazine, September 1996

Niagara, Eat Your Heart Out

In yet another example of a Montana town's unusual tourist attraction (see "As the Snake Did Away with the Geese,"), the 3,000 citizens of Columbia Falls this month will unveil a 40-foot-tall answer to visitors' perennial first question: So where are the falls? Local boosters, tired of admitting that Columbia Falls in fact has none to speak of, hope the $112,000 man-made cascade located in the middle of the tiny town will satisfy the formerly confused lookieloos. But will it really fool anyone? "Sure, it will be obvious it's not real, but I don't think anyone will be disappointed," says Steve Stahlberg, chairman of the town's Community Pride group. "It'll be a really neat park with benches and picnic tables. I don't think the fact that it's artificial will cross anyone's mind."

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