No-Sweat Waders

Outside magazine, September 1996

No-Sweat Waders
By Jerry Gibbs

Simms Micro Fiber Chest High Guides
No self-respecting outdoorsperson would be caught in the elements wearing one of those yellow vinyl slickers. Yet the waterproof-breathable fabrics that keep others cool and dry have passed fly fishermen by, leaving them to slog against the current and play trout in sweat-trapping neoprene waders. No longer. The new Micro Fiber Chest High Guides from Simms (406-585-3557) actually breathe, employing a Gore-Tex membrane that keeps the river out yet allows sweat vapor to escape, even under water.

The dense polyester-and-nylon fabric is light, supple, and comfortable but-and this is my only complaint-prone to puncture. A double layer of fabric on the lower legs helps, but you still have to be extra careful going over fences or through streamside brambles. (A patch kit is included.)

Consider the Guides an investment-at $350, they're about twice the price of good neoprene waders-but a worthy one: They're versatile enough to replace both summer and winter waders.

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