Essential Gear: Dry Bags

Family Vacations, Summer 1996

Essential Gear: Dry Bags

There's nothing quite like shimmying into your sleeping bag after a hard day of paddling, only to find (yech!) that it's damp. Whether the vessel is a raft, canoe, or kayak, whatever you pack-clothes, cameras, food, tent -may very well end up wet.

Waterproof bags are well worth the investment. Consider bags made of waterproof nylon rather than vinyl. While vinyl on vinyl tends to stick, nylon bags slide against each other, making it easier to pack them into the hull. Experienced kayakers also recommend buying several medium-size bags, which are easier to cram into the hull's nooks and crannies than one huge bag would be.

Some bags have waterproof zippers- but those familiar old turn-down closures work just as well and tend to be a bit more economical. Pictured at left is Cascade's See-Bag (ranging in size from five to 40 liters and in price from $11 to $27; 800-531-9531). Seattle Sports also has a complete line (800-632-6163).

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