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Esprit de Shore

Family Vacations, Summer 1996

Esprit de Shore

The beach is serene, relaxing...a total snore. Says who? Here are six beaches that will knock your snorkel off
By Parke Puterbaugh

Our Favorite Places | Staying Safe

What's summer without a little sand between the toes, the sounds of lapping waves and squawking gulls, and that ever-present smell of cocoa butter wafting on the breeze? A beach vacation may be the obvious summer game-plan, but that doesn't mean any beach will do. We steered clear of wall-to-wall terry cloth and honky-tonk boardwalks in search of old-fashioned summer havens where the beaches are safe (toddler-tested and relaxing to loll by), but not so sedate that the kids are restless after the first hour. All these beaches offer plenty of action, from waterskiing to boardsailing, bicycling to in-line skating, and are sure to keep your kids busy--and away from your own plot of sand.

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