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Family Vacations, Summer 1996

Inside Skinny

Since car-camping is done in close quarters, be sensitive to others around you. Don't blare music, keep it down late at night, and ditto in the early morning hours. Of course, if the Winnebago next to you is still in full party roar when you're trying to turn in, revenge is only a few hours away. When your kids wake up at the crack of dawn, send them over to play, extremely noisily, under one of the 'bag's windows.

Cracker Barrel Restaurants Old Country Store Inc., a chain of 246 nationwide restaurants clustered predominantly in the Southeast, has what in our humble opinion ranks as one of the all-time great motorist services. Each restaurant keeps up a lending library of books on tape. Diners can check one out, spend miles spellbound by the prose of authors like Stephen King or E. Annie Proulx, then return the tapes to a different Cracker Barrel hours down the road.

The seas aren't the only place stomachs get woozy. Carsickness is the bane of parents, but we've found relief in a can. Smooth Sailing, currently being targeted at the boating set, is said to be effective in curing any type of motion discomfort. Blended from natural papaya, pineapple, and passion fruit concentrates, it contains no drugs or caffeine and is sweetened with fructose. Carsickness aside, it's a healthy alternative to the sodas that kids tend to swig in the back seat on extended trips.

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