Independence Days

Family Vacations, Summer 1996

Independence Days

Mom's gone rafting, dad's on a hike--at a multisport resort, you do what you want
By Kate and David Butwin

Our Favorite Places

My dad, David, is a travel writer. So even though I'm only 11 years old, I've gone on cruises, been to England twice, to islands in the Caribbean, and many places in the United States (Key West and Tucson stand out). But by far my favorite vacation was going to a multisport lodge.

Sure, it's great to spend time with your parents, but the best is spending time with other kids, too. (Father's aside: What 11-year-old doesn't find parents boring after a few days?) I'd eat breakfast with my parents in the dining room, and afterwards they'd do their thing and I would do mine. (Father's aside: Our family has so many different interests that it's nearly impossible to find one that satisfies us all.) Mom (Pam, a graphic designer) took a nature photography workshop and Dad hiked. Meanwhile, I went horseback riding, swimming, and wall-climbing with a bunch of other kids and a counselor, or hung out in the kids' recreation room. I 'd usually catch up with one or both of my parents during the day, and we all had dinner together every evening.

One night, all the kids got to stay in a big tepee. We roasted marshmallows and told ghost stories and stayed up late. One by one, kids would get scared or uncomfortable and take their pillows and walk down the trails to where the cabins were. But a couple of us lasted the whole night. (Father's aside: Vacations are good family times, but they're ideal when you and your spouse can carve out some time alone, too.)

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