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Inside Skinny

Family Vacations, Summer 1996

Inside Skinny


Pearl Izumi, in cooperation with The Bicycle Federation of America, is sponsoring a bicycle advocacy kit that includes these stats: Fifty percent of bike-related fatalities involve cyclists who were riding without lights at night. And riding against traffic accounts for about 20 percent of all car-bike crashes. To order the Bicycle Advocate's Action Kit, call 800-877-7080.

Here's a tip several road warriors shared with us: Mail a stash of clean duds to yourself at various stops you intend to make throughout your trip. The likely recipient is an inn (or two), where you might also plan a shower and hot meal after several days of camping. Include a generously sized envelope, complete with the return postage, so you can send home the stuff you no longer care to haul around.

"The reason that the saddle design hasn't changed throughout history is that the original design works so well," says Georgena Terry, owner of Terry Precision Bikes. But there have been some memorable attempts at improvement. Who can forget the hammock sling seat--or the one with individual seats for each cheek? Today's innovations are more practical, such as seats just for women--they're wider and squatter than a traditional saddle to better accommodate a woman's wider pelvic structure. But the best advice for a comfy long ride: get used to sitting on a seat for extended periods of time.

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