Apparel: Patagonia's on-the-Go T

Outside magazine, August 1996

Apparel: Patagonia's on-the-Go T
By Bob Howells

How does a t-shirt justify a $29 price tag? Well, it's a smart combination of 70 percent environmentally correct organic cotton and 30 percent Capilene polyester, of wicking long-underwear fame. The key to the Go-T is Capilene against the skin: It draws moisture out to the cotton portion, where it disperses reasonably well. It's good for summer mountain biking--it has a soft, generous cut and is a more breathable alternative to plasticky-feeling synthetics--and for longish runs, since it doesn't get clammy like a basic cotton T. And although it retains that humble T-shirt look we know and love, it should still be wicking sweat long after an all-cotton T is relegated to Turtle Waxing.

From Patagonia, Box 32050, Reno, NV 89533-2050; 800-638-6464.

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